Former NAC captain Marí after stabbing: ‘I saw someone die’ | Football

In The Gazzetta dello Sport tells Marí that he was lucky. “I had a shopping cart that my son was in. Suddenly I felt a huge pain in my back and then someone else was stabbed in the neck. I saw someone die before my eyes.”

Trainer Raffaele Palladino and chairman Adriano Galliani of Monza have now spoken with Marí. “Pablo is a great guy, he was already joking and said he will be back on the training ground on Monday,” Galliani said. “I gave him my regards from Berlusconi (Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister of Italy and former AC Milan president, now owns Monza, ed.).

A 47-year-old supermarket employee did not survive the stabbing. Marí and four other people were injured. Police are holding a 46-year-old man responsible for the stabbing. He stabbed him wildly with a knife and was arrested. Nothing is known about his motive. The man is said to have psychological problems, according to Italian media.

Marí (29) played 31 games for NAC Breda between 2017 and 2018 as a mercenary from Manchester City.


Monza has expressed its condolences to the victims. “All of AC Monza is deeply moved by the family’s grief at the loss of Luis Fernando Ruggieri, victim of the madness that took place in Assago last night. Thoughts in these hours are with the other injured and their families.”


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