Fajar/Rian Chasing Fifth Victory over Yao/Han


Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto meet Lu Ching Yao/Yang Po Han again. At the Denmark Open 2022, Fajar/Rian are chasing their fifth win over the Taiwanese representative.

Fajar/Rian will be one of Indonesia’s representatives who will compete in the quarter-finals Denmark Open 2022, Friday (10/21/2022) tonight. His party was presented in court two of the Jyske Bank Arena in the seventh match. They have also been waiting for their opponent, Lu Ching Yao / Yang Po Han.

This match will be the sixth meeting for the two. The previous five encounters have been presented since six years ago.

Copy BWF tournament software, Dawn/Rian 4-1 lead over Yao/Han. Fajar/Rian won the first victory at the 2016 Macau Open. After that, Yao/Han revans in the 2017 Hong Kong Open tournament.

After that, they never met until finally the 2019 Japan Open became their first meeting in 1.5 years. Fajar/Rian won over Yao/Han with a score of 21-10, 21-13. Two other wins were won by FajRi when appearing at the China Open 2019 and Denmark Open 2021.

Now, the two are reunited in the last eight Denmark Open 2022. However, with the notes described above, then the odds Dawn/Rian bigger to win than Yao/Han.

It’s not impossible, FajRi added the length of his winning record to 5-1. As for Yao/Han, this match will be their chance to break the egg after their three consecutive defeats to Fajar/Rian.



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