Cortuluá and Patriotas were relegated and will play in B, Pasto is the only one qualified for home runs

The first games of date 18 of the BetPlay Dimayor League have already been played and the first team that advanced to the semifinal home runs was known, which is Pasto, while on the other side, the teams that will play in B next year were also defined, in this case Patriotas and Cortuluá.

To the B! Patriotas tied with Millonarios and will play next semester in the Tournament

The day began this Saturday with the meeting between Pasto and Águilas Doradas in the Departmental Libertad, where the locals tied 1-1 against the cast of Leonel Álvarez and became the first classified to the batch of 8. For its part, the ‘team from the east’ was left with 29 points, 2 units away from being able to have the ticket that gives them admission to the party.

Subsequently, Bucaramanga and La Equidad met at the home of the ‘auriverdes’, a match that ended with a victory for the ‘leopard’ 3-1 and that gives a break to those led by Jorge Ramoa, since they reached 24 points and now they must do yes or yes the task of winning the remaining commitments to dream of home runs.

suffered! Tolima beat Cortuluá and sent him to B

To start the Sunday session, Cortuluá received Tolima at home with the need to add a minimum tie to avoid relegation to B, nevertheless, Feiver Mercado lost a penalty that gave him equality against the ‘pijaos’, nullifying his possibility of continuing in the A next year.

Later, Pereira visited Unión Magdalena in Santa Marta and the match ended with a great 2-0 victory. for the ‘cyclone’, which placed him seventh with 28 units and saved him from having to return to the 2023 BetPlay Tournament.

Triumph! Union assured its permanence in the A and is excited to qualify for home runs

Millonarios returned to the ring after a day of absence and faced Patriotas in El Campín. Nevertheless, the duel ended in a 0-0 tie that confirmed the relegation of Patriotas.

Finally, Santa Fe visited Jaguares in Montería and He also postponed his opportunity to be one step closer to fighting for the last title of the year, because the ‘cardinals’ fell 2-1. Day 18 will end this Monday Evigado vs. Junior, Deportivo Cali vs. Once Caldas and Oil Alliance vs. America.


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