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Badminton – A racket sport for everyone

Badminton has grown into one of the most popular sports in the world – and not least in Denmark. Badminton originated in India, where English officers in the 1870s adopted a children’s game that involved keeping a shuttlecock in the air with a racket. The soldiers added a net and thus badminton was founded. The officers brought the game to England, where the original version was refined and the first rules were written down.

Fun exercise with badminton

There is no doubt that it is a really good idea to exercise. Exercise keeps the body healthy and fit, and contributes to a well-functioning daily life. But if you are not keen on jogging or going to the gym and doing different exercises, it can be difficult to incorporate the amount of exercise that is needed. Here, badminton can be a really good way to get more movement into everyday life. Badminton is a fun sport that makes you sweat and your heart rate high.

Play badminton with your friends and family

Unlike, for example, going to the gym, badminton is difficult to play alone. Here you have to take a friend, sister or cousin under your arm to play. It will be much more fun, and you will both get good exercise and quality time together. You can also choose to play doubles if you have several friends or family members who are ready for a game of badminton.

Take badminton with you everywhere

There are few racquet sports that, like badminton, are as easy to take with you everywhere. It’s easy to set up and you can play pretty much anywhere. Both out in the garden, on the beach or when you are on holiday or in a holiday home. It just requires that you have your own racket and some shuttlecocks packed in your bag. Badminton is therefore a really good sport to take up, as it is easy to share with others. Whether you are experienced or not, most people can join.

Get started playing badminton

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