Anthony Modeste shoots BVB to 2-2 in the top game against FC Bayern

Mhe classic between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern ended with a goal to make it 2-2 in the fifth minute of a spectacular injury time. Four or five high balls flew through the Munich six-yard box, BVB goalkeeper Alexander Meyer was in the opposing penalty area for a long time until a Dortmund football hero was finally born.

It was Anthony Modeste, who had previously set up the 1-2 but also missed a huge chance, headed in the equalizer a shaking stadium had been hoping for. The emotions in the stands exploded, the players fell over each other, beer mugs flew, “that was very, very, very important for us,” said Modeste later, but added surprisingly self-critically: “We didn’t win, we want to be champions.”

Modeste’s senses were probably still a little clouded by all the feelings, because it was without a doubt a very lucky point that Dortmund had earned after being 2-0 down at one point. A goal like that at the very last moment is a rare phenomenon. “It hurts, but it’s not entirely undeserved, it was an even game,” said coach Julian Nagelsmann at the end of an evening of football that had started quite slowly.

A lot of fuss about the top game

Not much happened in the first half hour, and yet the level was worthy of all the fuss that was going on around this game. For the first time, reporters from all continents were present at a Bundesliga game, a total of 450 media representatives worked to disseminate the spectacle, and the teams were no less diligent. Both defended very seriously from the start, and there weren’t any chances to score in the first third of the game.



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