Alliance (2) Millionaires (4) summary of the match, classified the blue to homers Liga Betplay | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Millonarios needed to win and that, eight games later, was what they did: they defeated Alianza Petrolera 2-4 and resolved their classification for home runs in Liga Betplay II 2022. End of agony.

A first novelty was the decision to leave Llinás among the substitutes and bet on the recovered Juan Pablo Vargas.

Millionaires dreamed of recovery from 5 minutes, when Gómez entered with all his humanity to press Saldaña’s own goal just 5 minutes into the game. But the blue was drowned out at the start when Gil – although it would be fairer to say Montero – celebrated 1-1 after 8 minutes. The goalkeeper and his fee per game.

In fact, a second blunder was going to be scored in the attempt at the exit of the corner kick that Acosta had left, who was hanging on a player almost two meters tall and after 20 minutes he put the duel of house in Barrancabermeja. Gamer couldn’t believe it.

And then, Christ to suffer: the blue pardoned the tie, Gómez was left to the left and decided to enable Silva, who instead of hitting him opened it for Ruiz at 24… What is the fear of hitting the goal? We would have to ask Daniel Ruiz, who once again had the goal and kicked the goalkeeper’s body, or Bertel, who put in a finder instead of hitting the goal when Chunga seemed covered.

Until Silva finally managed to break the tedium and found a space for Luis Carlos Ruiz to score again -finally!- in the League, for 1-2 at 34 minutes. First breath.

However, the doubt was going to come again for Daniel Ruiz when Guevara’s hand in the area was punished with the penalty that announced a lot to Chunga and the goalkeeper won, guessing the stick and denying the blue goal. What will they be paying? They wondered on the seething field of Barrancabermeja and on social networks.

But out of sheer resilience the blue rose and in a new massive arrival it was Gómez who came alive on the rebound and made it 3-2 at 41, a result that left Millonarios, at that point in time, in the third table position. And Montero had his revenge by flying the shot at the close of the first half and again starting the complement when Arango almost defeated him. He learned his lesson, fortunately.

Millonarios answered with Llinás on the field as a midfielder, with control and neutralization of the rival and with attempts, such as the one in the 79th minute, on a great ball by Gómez that went just above -which should have been a great goal for the way he connected the auction- and then Chunga denied Alba the fourth with a nice assist from Valencia. Then a second penalty for that team that did not get a single one in 19 dates, this one was well charged by the young Valencia for the final 2-4.

No more would be needed because the victory was going to be enough to ensure a very tough and distressing classification that should not have been like this but that is a new life for the Gamero project. Now to think about the Betplay Cup final against Junior, next Wednesday. There will be time to straighten out the League.


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