Yang Yi: Chinese basketball can’t do without a high score.

Original title: Yang Yi: China’s basketball performance is indispensable

On September 24th, Beijing time, the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup group stage continued to fight fiercely. In one of the focus battles, the Chinese women’s basketball team lost 63-77 to the American women’s basketball team, suffering the first defeat of this World Cup.

Commentator Yang Yi wrote: “The Chinese women’s basketball team is playing against the United States. Let me just say a few words. I lost 19 points in the half, and I couldn’t keep up with the speed and couldn’t prevent the counterattack. Instructor Zheng changed the formation decisively. Take it down, bring up Dilana, the third center who usually ranks behind Li Yueru and Han Xu, and let her play double height with Han Xu. I maintain the speed, I increase the height, and hit back to 10 in the third quarter. within minutes.

Basketball is not difficult, this is not a rocket to heaven. The high and the fast restrict each other. If they are not fast enough, I will take down the slow one. If I want to restrict the fast one, I have to go to the high one. Since there are tall ones, we will use them. If we can set up two towers, we will try them. No one has stipulated that the substitutes will not be allowed. I still say the same thing, Chinese basketball will always have a high score at any time, and if a high one is not good, let’s go to the two, is it difficult for us to try…”

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