Women’s Serie B: Unicusano defeated in the Tuscan Cup derby

Nothing to do for the Unicusano Pielle Livorno in the second round of the Tuscan Cup, home defeat, in the derby, since Jolly Acli Livorno (50-70).

Rocket start for the girls of coach Castiglione, ahead 8-0 in the very first minutes of the match; then the green of Ceccarini and Evangelista brings Furio Betti’s team back into contact, so much so as to overtake at the first siren and run away in the second quarter (27-39 at the long break).

The reaction of the pielline is vehement and at the start of the fourth fraction, after having been even less than 19 lengths, the gap is reduced to -8. At this point another outburst of the Jolly, with two triples of Ceccarinithis time decisive.

Unicusano Pielle Livorno – Jolly Acli Livorno 50-70
Partials: 15-20, 27-39, 38-55, 50-70
Leather Livorno : Nottolini, Castiglione M. 3, Cecchi 8, Zorzi 11, Rossi, Farnesi 4, Castiglione V. 3, Maffei 8, Puccini 9, Cecconi 4, Iannuzzi. Herds Castiglione, Martella.
Jolly Acli Livorno : Orsini 18, Evangelista 22, Giari 5, Ceccarini 14, Rosellini 9, Corti 2, Barsotti, Simonetti, Barghigiani, Filippi. Herds Betti.

Referees: Marabotto and Biancalana



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