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Director Satoru Komiyama watching the practice

The autumn league of the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League is about to begin. Satoru Komiyama, a former major leaguer and manager of the Waseda University baseball team, takes command with the goal of “returning the correct appearance of the Waseda baseball team.” What is the ingenuity of giving guidance to students who feel that they are “vulnerable” compared to his own school days, with an approach that fits the Reiwa era? (Author Yasutaka Sudo)

Director Komiyama also realizes
Response to raise the team

It is the opening of the autumn league.

The Waseda University baseball club launched its summer training camp with solid results.

84-year-old OB Sadsuke Tokutake said, “There is an atmosphere that we can win this autumn.” The fall of the fourth year since director Satoru Komiyama returned to his alma mater. Odai narrowed his eyes as he approached his goal of “restore the correct appearance of the Waseda baseball club.”

Tokutake accompanied the entire training camp schedule. Captain and fourth batter during the legendary 1960 Waseda-Keio six-game series. He was also active in professional baseball, and after retiring as a batting coach, he trained many hitters. Even before Komiyama became manager, he had watched his alma mater practice for 20 years.

Manager Satoru Komiyama also feels that the team’s strength has been raised.

Attempts from spring to autumn and a large conversion of defense are going well. Perhaps for that reason, the question “Who grew the most this summer?” seems to be a difficult question. Everyone was doing their best. “The person I practiced the most was Matsuki (Ome, 4th year). As a pitcher, Shikada (Taiou, 2nd year) became a different player. talked about

However, even so, Director Komiyama tightened his expression, saying, “There’s still a long way to go.”

“Practicing until you’re exhausted is a training camp. I was thinking how far I could go in the afternoon after pushing myself to the point of exhaustion in the morning practice, but it didn’t go that far.”

The base of the training camp, Bemaga Stadium in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, has a full range of facilities. However, the clouds here move quickly and the weather changes quickly. If it rained, I had to change the practice menu.

Restore the Waseda University Baseball Club to its proper form.

Komiyama’s ideals are profound and even philosophical, and it is difficult to describe them in one sentence.



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