Venezuelan figure of New York Yankees breaks historical record for MLB dating from 2019


Although everyone expected a historic home run from the Judgethe lights took them roletero South American who made an action hardly performed by 57 players in more than a century.

Tyler Wade, Aaron Judge y Gleyber Torres en New York Yankees
© Sarah Stier/Getty ImagesTyler Wade, Aaron Judge y Gleyber Torres en New York Yankees

On Wednesday night in the Bronx, all the fans of New York Yankees they expected that in the game before Pittsburgh Piratesfor the 2022 season of Major League Baseball (MLB)your current figure Aaron Judge reached the record of Roger Maris as the leading home run hitter in franchise history.

And the timing seemed right, because the in los They were sweeping their rivals, reaching the eighth inning of the game, 6-2, but in their four at-bats, he could only score two runs and connect a couple of hits; for the same reason, another partner had to come to become estrella.

When the Yankees needed him most to beat the Pirates, the Venezuelan second baseman appeared Gleyber Torresto seal the final result, and he did it with something that very few have done in MLB history, well hit two home runs in one inning.

The historic record signed by a Venezuelan Yankees star

It was in the eighth inningwhere he first sent a pitch from his compatriot to right field Miguel Yajureand minutes later, he did the same with a straight ball from Eric Stout, which directed it towards the left sector of the park; With this, she entered the history of the competition.

He turned the first MLB player to hit two home runs in one inning since 2019when the Dominican got it Edwin Encarnacion playing for Seattle Mariners; and he is the 57th player of all time to achieve this milestone. A real madness!



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