Valencia Basket scores a meritorious victory against Casademont Zaragoza (56-66)

Valencia Basket achieved a meritorious victory in Teruel against Casademont Zaragoza in the II “Pepe Lanzuela” Memorial, in a game marked by absences. The taronja team started with the casualties of Alba Torrens, Leticia Romero, Laia Lamana and Elena Buenavida due to discomfort, as well as Bec Allen for participating in the World Cup. Absences to which were added that of Ángela Salvadores due to discomfort during the warm-up and that of Queralt Casas in the second half for the same reason during the match. The defense of the team and the points of the pivots, given the lack of outside players, were key to adding the third victory of the preseason.

The taronja group came out with Cristina Ouviña, Clara Che, Queralt Casas, Raquel Carrera and Lauren Cox. A lot of defensive activity, running and finding good shots by Valencia Basket at the start, although Casademont Zaragoza’s start was also good. Cox on the visiting side and Tate on the home side were the most prominent offensively. A lot of equality at the end of this first period, which ended in a draw.

The trend was repeated in the second quarter. To each blow that Valencia Basket gave, Casademont Zaragoza returned it and neither of them finished dominating the game. At that time, the taronja team took a small advantage of 5 points after free throws by Ouviña and triple by Che. Those of Rubén Burgos were able to maintain a difference for several minutes, in which Carrera was playing three -due to the absences on the outside- with Morro and Cox on the inside. The Galician was in charge of raising the rent to 11 points, closing a good part of the team. Casademont’s technician asked for time out. Oma then stopped him from a free throw, but Valencia Basket continued to widen the gap. He reached +13 from Cox at the break (24-37).

Valencia Basket scores a meritorious victory against Casademont Zaragoza (56-66)

The trend continued in the same way after passing through the changing rooms. Cox herself widened the difference to 15. The turnover of the taronja team, however, was shrinking. Casas did not participate in the game again due to discomfort. Two consecutive baskets by Fiebich caused Rubén Burgos to time out. Good reaction from the team below. Gülich increased the lead to 16 points and Cantero stopped the game, but the Taronja team was still very intense on both sides of the court. The pivots were unstoppable. Cox placed the maximum at 22 points while Casademont Zaragoza found it very difficult to break through the wall of Valencia Basket. Finally, Hempe cut the bleeding and his team managed to cut to 14 points.

Valencia Basket scores a meritorious victory against Casademont Zaragoza (56-66)
Valencia Basket scores a meritorious victory against Casademont Zaragoza (56-66)

Ortiz was down to 11 at the start of the last one and Valencia Basket’s short rotation was already beginning to show. The shots did not go in so easily and in defense it was difficult to reach all the lines. Tate cut the difference to 9 points. Rubén Burgos requested time out. The team changed to a zonal defense that worked to stop their attack and, in addition, Che returned the success to the taronja team with a revitalizing triple. The difference was 12 points. Valencia Basket knew how to handle it in the remaining 2 minutes and managed to win.



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