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Surprising Ballack announcement |

That’s why Union can become a champion

For many, it is only a matter of time before 1. FC Union topples the table. Not for Michael Ballack (45)!

The former DFB captain (98 international matches) and vice world champion believes that the Berliners can even become champions!

Ballack in the current SPORT BILD (from Wednesday at the kiosk): “Dreaming is allowed. Why not? I experienced that with Kaiserslautern in 1998 when we became champions after being promoted. Or there is the example of Leicester, who surprisingly won the Premier League title in 2016.

The current SPORT BILD

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Ballack speaks from his own experience: “You can play yourself into a frenzy that will carry you throughout the season. That was the case with us at the time, it was the case with Leicester.”

And currently at Union too!

The impressive numbers: 17 out of 21 points, 14 league games unbeaten, only two of the last 37 home games lost. And that just over three years after the ascent!

Listen! Kovac mocked by Union fans

Highlights Union Berlin - VfL Wolfsburg: Union fans mock Kovac

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Ballack: “They have had very good seasons with their opportunities and have improved every time. They build on that. That releases power. Especially when you are at the top.”

Ballack is enthusiastic about coach Urs Fischer (56): “A top trainer. Union and Fischer, that fits like a glove.”



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