The maddening price of a pint of beer in Qatar does not pass


While the whole world is (legitimately) raging on the question of whether or not it will boycott the World Cup, one subject should for once be unanimous: the much too high price of a pint of beer for tourists in Qatar.

Who says sporting event, often says beer (obviously to be consumed in moderation). While the World Cup in Qatar is more controversial than ever because of its nightmarish environmental impact, the debate today is about the price of beer.

17€ the paint

According to Mirrorrelayed by GQ, the drink par excellence for supporters risks being reduced to water given the price of beer. We learn that a bottle of blonde, sold in a hotel with a sales license, should cost between 10 and 15€ while the price of a pint would be around 17€.

The FSA, the association of football supporters, who went on the spot to collect the information themselves, confirmed these figures last week on Twitter. However, she specifies that “happy hour” will be organized with a price of around £7 per pint, or around €8. But we don’t know how long these famous “happy hours” will last. Fans should also be sure to check ahead and respect alcohol-allowed areas.

Defined areas and times

As a reminder, Qatar normally prohibits the consumption of alcohol in public spaces. Precise schedules and defined areas will therefore be put in place for supporters who wish to drink despite the very restrictive framework. We learn for example that, if the consumption of alcohol will be possible in hotels and private rentals, it will be forbidden to buy it in stores.



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