State-open screening tournament in Lünen: Lüner SV Judo organizes a large screening tournament

The Lüner SV judokas once again organized a big tournament. This time it was a nationwide sighting tournament that took place in the sports hall of the Käthe-Kollwitz-Gesamtschule, Dammwiese. And the hall was full: On both days, a total of 350 participants in the age groups U14, U17 and U20 came from all over North Rhine-Westphalia. The organizational team, headed by Stefan Erdelhoff, had everything under control as usual.

And the local judo fighters won at least two medals. Samuel Kirschbaum started in the U 17 to 81 kg. He had two fights. In the first he threw his opponent from Herford after 1.36 min. The second confrontation he closed with a hold after 40 seconds. He won his first gold medal in a strong tournament. Marlon Müller caused the second surprise in the U 17 to 50 kg. First he defeated a Godesberger after 2.10 min., but unfortunately lost in a duel to get into the final against a Düsseldorfer. Then it was all about third place. The LSVer won after a strong performance and 3.56 min. against an opponent from Herford and thus received the bronze medal.

Lynn Westerhoff was 5th in the U 17 – 63 kg class, as did Leonard Müller in the U 17 – 60 kg class. In the U20s, Kevin Werchau was unlucky in the class up to 60 kg: He had to play against German champions in two clashes and didn’t have a chance despite a strong effort. He won a fight with a nice throw and came in 5th. Supervisor Jörg Schönfeld was very satisfied with his protégés.

The team of judges was supported by the LSVers Markus Wagner and Jörg Schönfeld. Information about Lüner SV Judo is available on the website “” and on social media sites such as Facebook.

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