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N2/N3: Rostrenen (B) and AL Saint-Brieuc

In Central Brittany, Coline Sibéril succeeds Julien Roguès, who left for Vannes. “We are leaving with the same team but we will mainly benefit from the returns of Julie Grall and Thurian Desmots-Chacun”, specifies the new coach. For this first day, the Rostrenoise reserve will host Le Cellier-Ligné. “He’s been promoted, the team rose thanks in particular to Paul Tournefier who came to us to play in the Top 12. On paper, we’re the favourites. To start with a victory would be ideal”.

Trividic, player then coach

In N3, Saint-Brieuc also has a new captain: Matthieu Trividic. Thanks to his charisma and seriousness, he was able to put the Briochin group back on track when it was in bad shape halfway through the championship. “It is logical that Matthieu takes on this role after the withdrawal of Anne-Gaëlle Depagne”, confides Stanislas Raud. The Briochins will receive Saint-Jacques, a contender for the climb. “We will try to limit the breakage”, slips the president. Saint-Brieuc will find at the gymnasium of the Valley, Emma Gautier who left for Saint-Jacques and Saint-Jacques will find Marco Marie who is the only Briochine recruit. With Martin Bellot, Matthieu Trividic, Maëlys Lemarchand, Soukéina Damour and Lili Gautier, the Amicale Laïque will try to do as well as last season.

Saturday’s schedule. N2: 2 p.m., Rostrenen (B) – Le Cellier Ligné; N3: 5 p.m., Saint-Brieuc – Saint-Jacques.

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