Spurs star to Atlético? Doesn’t matter! Tottenham fans mourn his GIRLFRIEND – SOCCER

Shortly before the end of the summer transfer period, top Spanish club Atlético Madrid signed the defender Sergio Reguilón (25). The Spaniard is on loan from Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur until the end of the season.

The photos of his presentation in the Spanish capital called the Spurs fans into action. On social media, the London club’s supporters expressed their sadness and disappointment at the move, but curiously it wasn’t about the player at all.

Rather, the fans mourned his girlfriend Marta Diaz (21), who held the Atlético jersey in the camera together with the national player in one of the photos.

The Spaniard has been with Reguilon since 2019 and lived with him in London. Now she will probably go to Madrid with him. Not only is she well known there. Diaz is a social media star who also models on the side. The Spaniard currently has 3.3 million subscribers on Instagram (as of September 3, 2022) – a whopping 1.4 million more than her boyfriend.

One Spurs fan tweeted: “You will be sorely missed. All the best, Marta Diaz! Oh, oh yes: all the best, Reguilon.”

Another user wrote: “What I hate about the Reguilon transfer is that Marta Diaz will now be cheering for Atlético.”

Another added: “If Reguilon goes, that means Marta Diaz goes with him.”

Another fan said: “We would get a higher transfer fee for Marta than for Reguilon.”

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Is that on purpose?
Punch against Bellingham

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Most Atlético fans, on the other hand, made negative comments about Reguilon’s sporting past – he was trained by hated city rivals Real Madrid.

But there were also positive statements, which, however, also related to his girlfriend. This is how one fan wrote about Diaz from the “best transfer of the summer”. A title that Sergio Reguilon, unlike his partner, has yet to earn.


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