SINT-GENESIUS-RODE Former sports course OLV was transformed into a full sports field

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In the Onze Lieve Vrouwinstituut in Sint-Genesius-Rode, this warm summer was used to completely transform the former sports court into a full-fledged sports field with artificial grass. The kick-off was officially given on Wednesday 31 August. This in the presence of sponsoring parents. In the past, this so-called sports court was only used during playing times.

Due to its dilapidated character, the terrain was no longer really suitable for the PE lessons. Had become dangerous because the tiles were loose. Actually, this site placed in the 80s was never really usable because the tiles were laid upside down. This meant that the anti-slip side was down, resulting in the necessary slippage in wet weather. So something had to be done about it. There was not only the insecurity, after two years they wanted to give the students a present. Director Jeroen De Greef: “Plans were forged in October 2021. Quotations were requested in November. In the end we teamed up with VDS Kunstrgrassen from Antwerp and they did a perfect job within the tight timing we had set (Summer 22). Local earthworker Alain Deneyer has also done more than his fair share of work to respect the timing. “

The price tag is around 80,000 euros. Leen De Jonckheere, who is also a member of the board: “A large part comes from our budget, the rest we collected by having parents contribute financially. We opened a Project Account at the King Baudouin Foundation and made a few calls. In the end, 60 parents (of 60 of our children) contributed. We did not apply for subsidies, but we would like to apply for our two other playgrounds. We can now practice all the sports we can think of on this omnsiport field. We mainly think of football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, badminton and possibly tennis. “We were also contacted

with the sports department of the municipality of Sint-Genesius-Rode to discuss a collaboration. They are looking at a collaboration in the near future. We got the same answer from Hoekies (Hockey club Den Hoek). Jeroen De Greef: “Collaboration and possible rental will only really be possible once we have lighting (spring 2023) so that we can also use our field after school hours.” And there are still plans. Leen Dejonckheere: “

We are still dreaming of an extension with light and sails/shade cloths. The latter would ensure that we can also use this field for receptions and for events with our students and their parents (eg proclamation). We also dream of installing a steel fitness rack, as well as extra table tennis tables and a beach volleyball court in our monastery garden.” At the moment, the secondary school of the OLV has about 680 pupils (an increase of 52 lln. compared to last school year). Primary school and kindergarten together have that many students.

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01 sep 2022

Hugo Deville

Bart Devillé


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