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Colombia had to row against the current. A first time for oblivion in which it was a complete monologue from Mexico that played it intelligently with an annoying high pressure so that those led by Néstor Lorenzo could not play their football. In the complement, they reacted with Luis Sinisterra, Rafael Santos Borré and Jorge Carrascal for a definitive 3-2.

After a categorical victory against Guatemala, Colombia, in Néstor Lorenzo’s second game as strategist for the national team, had a tough test. Mexico, one of the World Cup teams that will play against Argentina, Poland and Saudi Arabia, put him in front of the new process of the Argentine technical director. Alexis Vega was a complete threat to Dávinson Sánchez and Carlos Cuesta. In addition, that the ’10’ took advantage of a sleeping spinal cord with Steven Alzate and Wilmar Barrios.

As soon as the game started, Gerardo Martino and his team pointed out that they did not let Colombia breathe. The high pressure harassed the coffee exit, and from there, Uriel Antuna took advantage of an error in the clearance by Luis Díaz, who lowered it in the area. Upon payment, Alexis Vega and decreed the first penalty. With Díaz in a personal action, they tried to shake it off, but Néstor Araujo closed the shot to the corner.

The pressure lasted and Colombia tried on the wings with a Juan Guillermo Cuadrado and a cross that Luis Díaz headed just wide. The entire defensive system of the Colombians was disconnected, and in an error, Erick Gutiérrez leaked a ball looking for Alexis Vega who intelligently let the ball pass through his legs and Gerardo Arteaga without a mark defined David Ospina in front of him.

Without being able to approach the goal of Mexico, Colombia resorted to another formula that always gets out of trouble: the ball still. James Rodríguez executed a free kick and Dávinson Sánchez headed from the side, perhaps the clearest of those directed by Néstor Lorenzo. The Aztecs responded again with Alexis Vega and a header from Néstor Araujo controlled in two stages by David Ospina.

Another error by Carlos Cuesta conditioned the defensive zone. Uriel Antuna crossed and Alexis Vega easily left behind Steven Alzate, Dávinson Sánchez and Stefan Medina. Fortunately, David Ospina closed the curtain by saving the last of the first part.

Already in the complement, Rafael Santos Borré, Luis Fernando Sinisterra and Jorge Carrascal entered for Radamel Falcao García, Steven Alzate and James Rodríguez respectively. Carrascal’s magic and Sinisterra’s goals appeared at the right time. Juan Guillermo Cuadrado executed a corner to the head of the Leeds United player leaning on Néstor Araujo and converting the first.

Three minutes passed after the first, and at 51′, Jorge Carrascal joined Luis Sinisterra who defined the post farthest from the goal defended by Guillermo Ochoa. Mexico lost all illusion in the complement, moving away from its best stretch in the game. Colombia continued with a shot by Rafael Santos Borré that Ochoa saved.

About 68 minutes, Rafael Santos Borré threw himself to a band, he looked up at Wilmar Barrios outside the area who dazzled with a tremendous volley impossible for Guillermo Ochoa. It was all from Colombia who got excited with Jorge Carrascal and ‘Memo’ controlled in two times. Mexico had an escape with Diego Láinez, but could not against the Colombian defense.

Thus, Colombia closed the two games of the Néstor Lorenzo era with victories. There are many things to work on, such as defense and connection in midfield. He looked better with Wilmar Barrios as the only brand midfielder, with the support of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado who threw himself as an inside player. It is estimated that there will be more friendlies for Lorenzo in 2022. Mexico, for its part, will have to continue enduring criticism by falling asleep in the second half. They are preparing to face Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland in the World Cup in Qatar.


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