“Papa Emeritus IV” to open MLB game with first throw

While it’s safe to assume that Ghost and some members of the Swedish occult band have the ability to at least cause a frown in any scenario, one wonders what surprise frontman “Papa Emeritus IV” has in store for the upcoming opening of the MLB game of the White Sox against the Cleveland Guardians.

Ghost, who are currently enjoying a career high after finding unexpected TikTok success with their 2019 single ‘Mary On A Cross’, has racked up over six million streams and over 1,000 downloads Platz 90 the Billboard Hot 100 chart. With the record IMPERA, released in March 2022, the band followed suit and quickly maneuvered themselves to number 1 in the Scandinavian, German and Austrian album charts. The band is currently touring North America and is apparently making an unusual stop.

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On Thursday, September 22, 2022, Tobias Forge is scheduled to throw the first pitch in the White Sox game against the Cleveland Guardians. And of course it will be fun to watch Emeritus IV’s throwing skills, but the real question comes down to the musician’s fashion choices. Will Emeritus IV wear a White Sox jersey or full Pope regalia? We will see.

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