Manu Ginóbili: “In basketball, I don’t think there is a greater recognition” – Notes – Manu Ginóbili in the hall of fame

Emanuel David Ginóbili, the most outstanding Argentine basketball player throughout history, will enjoy this Saturday a privilege reserved for few, when he enters the NBA Hall of Fame in the United States.

The 45-year-old bahiense will be honored at the James Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.

“As far as our sport is concerned, I don’t think there is a greater recognition. It is an immense honor,” said “Manu” this Friday, at a press conference, in the prelude to the ceremony.

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“The most incredible moments, in general, are linked to victories. One strives and experiences pressures and responsibilities, and it is a moment of ecstasy,” he said.

In tune, he added: “When you see it from the outside, you want to thank your teammates, technicians, masseurs, those who cleaned the field, who make the atmosphere good.”

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Asked about the place that basketball occupies in Argentina, he said: “It is where it has to be. We could have generated a boom at the time, but then it goes back to where it has to be. To change that, there must be serious work, from the root , which will not happen in our country”.

The ceremony is scheduled to start around 8:00 p.m. in Argentina and will be broadcast by the signal DirecTV Sports. Also, chain 3 will be on the scene to cover.

The distinction that ‘Manu’ (retired in August 2018) will receive, trained under the FIBA ​​orbit, is not usually common in pairs from these latitudes, to the point that he will be the fourth South American to receive the award.

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