Mali-Serbia ends in a fight… between Malian women

For its first participation in a World Cup, Mali managed some more than honorable performances, especially against the France team. Joaquin Brizuela’s players had so far made a great promotion of their basketball, despite 4 defeats in 4 matches. Unfortunately, and even if we should obviously not remember that, their match on Monday against Serbia came to spoil this end of the tournament.

While the Serb Sasa Cado, former Nantes and Charleville, was answering questions from the press, an altercation broke out a few meters from her between Malian players. On the short video broadcast on social networks, we can see the young Salimatou Kourouma, from the Malian Club, sending mandals while being held back by the teammate whom she seems to want to touch. The rest of the group is around and manages to separate them relatively quickly.

Unfortunately, the bad buzz did not take long and players from Mali began to apologize for the behavior of their teammates, like Touty Gandegathe leader of Aulnoyes.

“I would like to point out that this is not the image we wanted to convey, really not. apologize to the Malian people and the African people. I know it’s crazy, what happened, but the little ones deeply regret their behavior”.

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