From Juventus to Tottenham, Kulusevski’s World Changed


Dejan Kulusevski feel a significant change in Tottenham Hotspur when compared to di Juventus. Kulusevski also praised Antonio Conte.

Kulusevski left Juventus and joined Tottenham in the January transfer window. The Sweden international winger joined on loan for 18 months.

Before moving to Tottenham, Kulusevski was rarely Massimiliano Allegri’s first choice at Juventus. The situation is different for the 22-year-old at Tottenham.

Kulusevski is almost always a mainstay Antonio Conte. Kulusevski also answered Conte’s trust by contributing six goals and 11 assists in 29 appearances since joining Tottenham.

Kulusevski said the improvement in his performance could not be separated from Conte’s training methods. He also revealed the difference between Conte and Allegri.

“Honestly the difference between the two is big. Their ideas are very different. In London, you work more in the gym and the results are visible,” Kulusevski told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“From Juve to Spurs, my world has changed.”

“At Tottenham my body changed, mainly thanks to training in the gym. We work hard every day and are better than in Italy.”

“I love how we trained in London and of course credit to our coach. I really enjoyed playing for him. In my life I have never known anyone with such motivation as him. When he speaks, it goes to the heart,” said Kulusevski.



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