Judo: the little ones took over on the tatamis

The path of the Bressols tatami mats does not seem to have been forgotten by the young little Bressolais. The children’s section has resumed the course of its activities, with the symbolic slot of Saturday morning. The neo judokas take the way to the dojo with a certain excitement to participate in a playful session rich in interactions.

Around the tatami mats, many parents sit down and stay to witness this convivial moment. Sometimes the child wants to do judo, like mom or dad.

It also happens that parents, having themselves practiced this sport, redouble their desire to get on the carpet. The child, by practicing judo, will above all initially develop his motor skills and flexibility, by multiplying playful exercises, rolls and movements of all kinds, standing and on the ground.

Young educators

The Bressols club has for years focused on training. A policy which today contributes to seeing new educators indulge in this sporting momentum to supervise the little ones. This is the case of Lyse Boudou, supported on Saturday morning by Lucie Olive who helps the organization.

In the big dojo, the session does not lack energy: “Our child comes home very tired, because he spends himself without counting the cost throughout the session” reports a couple of parents.

In this way, the spectacle offered by the dojo of Bressols on Saturday morning reflects an excellent sport to channel the overflowing energies of our toddlers.



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