How was the meeting of Manu Ginóbili and Michael Jordan in the NBA

Manu Ginobili He is a basketball legend. His entry into the NBA Hall of Fame only confirms that status. One of the reasons why, when he was very young, he fully immersed himself in the sport of the orange ball was his admiration for Michael Jordan. However, his encounters with Chicago Bulls glory were far from what he had envisioned.

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“As a kid, I had several posters of him in my room., one of them was real size. At times she spoke to him. He was a mythical character, beyond reality, ”Manu recounted on one occasion when he called the program by surprise Everything happens of Urbana Play.

The year Ginobili debuted in San Antonio Spurs coincided with Jordan’s last in the NBA. “I came from an injury and I missed the first game against Wizards, so I had to watch it from afar. The second game, I had already played the day before, I thought that it was going to be my chance. Nevertheless, I only played five seconds”, continued the Bahiense.

Manu Ginobili during his first season in the NBA. (AFP/Paul BUCK)

“I received the ball and threw a banana from half court. Jordan was at the other end, the first half ended and Gregg Popovich didn’t put me on anymore. He never found out what he had done to me, which for me was a huge offense. He needed me for five seconds and he gave me only that, ”continued the recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, who added:“The court is 28 meters, the closest I had it was to 16″.

Ginobili explained that this was “the first shocking encounter” he had in the NBA because “someone who was ethereal materialized.” “I would have liked to defend him, hit him a little in the ribs to see what happened, what he was like. But I didn’t have it even close, ”he lamented.

The meeting between Manu Ginobili and Michael Jordan in an elevator

Outside the courts he crossed it again. “He is the owner of the Hornets franchise. I was in a hotel to play against Charlotte. When the elevator door opened, he was there. I stuttered a bit, I said ‘hi, how are you?’ and I continued. I didn’t dare to talk to him, ask him anything… it was also an elevator, ”she explained.

“Later I crossed him a couple of times on the court, but something very light”, he concluded.


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