“For him, it’s over in this league”

A few days before the resumption, the Celtics are going through a very difficult period between injuries and the soap opera Ime Udoka, which has not finished talking. The revelations continue concerning the coach, who may never return to coach on the Boston bench, not according to this NBA agent. It is necessary to believe that it is a rather dark future which awaits it for the continuation.

While the Celtics dream of returning to the finals this season, with the idea of ​​taking revenge on the Warriors, the franchise has been living a nightmare preparation so far. Danilo Gallinari and Robert Williams have already joined the infirmary for several months, while the soap opera Ime Udoka is added to this. The coach not only had an affair with someone from the staff, but he also allegedly had inappropriate comments towards her.

A detail, reported by Shams Charania, which changes a lot of things for the Celtics coach, suspended for a year by his leaders after this link. This is the first sanction, but Brad Stevens, the president of the organization, does not refrain from taking other measures if necessary, in particular at the end of this suspension. For the majority of people in the league, the coach should never return to the bench.

End of career for Ime Udoka?

In his latest article, Ethan Strauss came to report the words of a source close to the matter, who seems to believe that Udoka’s career may be over. If the rumors are confirmed for the coach, no team will want him on his bench anymore:

“It’s over for him. »

Many league insiders share this sentiment, as the whole story would not yet be known to the general public. She may never be, after all we are talking about an intimate relationship, but Udoka is far from breaking a single rule. Ramona Shelburne, who works at ESPN, paints a more damning picture:

Other elements of this story will come out in the media one day, maybe not, but a lot of people are going to be affected by this whole soap opera, and in very ugly ways.

I don’t know if we can say that it’s a relatively fair sanction, but I know that Udoka is a talented coach, who managed to bring the Celtics to the final last season. For the Celtics to decide to suspend him for an entire year despite his exploits, we imagine that the reasons are worrying. The whole dynamic of the team is impacted.

According to the same source, investigations are still underway to try to shed light on this story, which may hide other secrets. One thing seems more and more certain, however: Udoka should not find the Celtics bench, or another for that matter.

Ime Udoka is at great risk given certain accusations, it remains to be seen whether they are true, or whether people are seeking revenge on him. A sad episode for the Celtics, who know that this 2022/23 campaign promises to be very difficult.



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