Federer record more than 100 matches won several Grand Slams

The feeling of nostalgia that invaded the hearts of all tennis lovers with the announcement of Roger Federer about his retirement from professional tennis. The Swiss will have a farewell that could be a dream, in the 2022 Laver Cup and surrounded by all his close friends and rivals for many years of his career. As a result of his final departure from the ATP circuit, statistical records are emerging that give an idea of ​​the magnitude of this legend, with a triumphant longevity that will be difficult to emulate and numerous simply amazing data. One of them refers to the matches won in Grand Slam tournaments. It is well known by all that the Helvetian is one of the tennis players who has played the most matches in these tournaments and the number of victories he has is tremendous, as reveals.

Tennis players with more than 100 wins in any Grand Slam

  1. Martina Navratilova. 120 en Wimbledon
  2. Rafael Nadal: 112 at Roland Garros
  3. Serena Williams: 108 en US Open
  4. Roger Federer: 105 at Wimbledon
  5. Roger Federer: 102 at the Australian Open
  6. Chris Evert: 101 and US Open

So much so, that Federer is one of the five people in the Open Era who has managed to add more than 100 victories in a Grand Slam tournament, but the most impressive thing is that he has done it for a double match. Martina Navratilova leads the list, with 120 wins at Wimbledon, followed by 112 from Rafael Nadal a Roland Garros, Serena Williamswith 108 at the US Open, while also being in this select group Chris Evert, with 101 in the New York event. Among them, there is Roger Federer, who has a whopping 105 wins at Wimbledon and 102 at the Australian Open. The Swiss was far from signing a poker unimaginable for any mortal, since he has 73 wins in Paris, while in the US Open he has 89.

A feat of this magnitude could only be equaled by a true legend of this sport, such as Rafael Nadal y Novak Djokovic. In the case of the Balearic, injuries have reduced continuity throughout his career, adding numerous absences in Grand Slam events. In Melbourne he has managed to win 76 matches, in London he added 58 wins and in the US Open a total of 67, so it seems impossible that he can reach a hundred wins in any of those tournaments. Once the Spaniard has been discarded, it is convenient to look at the statistical records of Novak Djokovic, whose versatility allows him to choose to emulate Federer in this record and go down in history in another section of the game.

Novak Djokovic wins at every Grand Slam

  • Open the Australia: 82
  • Roland Garros: 85
  • Wimbledon: 86
  • US Open: 81

At 35 years old, it is not unreasonable to think that the Serbian has two or three seasons left at the highest level, in which he can add wins that are close to a hundred in at least two events. He has been very affected by what happened this year 2022 since his absences in Melbourne and New York have reduced his options to continue expanding his achievements. In 2024 he could reach 100 wins at Wimbledon, if he is able to win the next two tournaments at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, while for the rest of the events he would need to stay on the circuit until at least 2025. Yes something is not missing Novak Djokovic it is ambition to achieve feats that no one, or in this case almost no one, has achieved.



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