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Plain text on the Bavaria crisis |

Brazzo: THAT is what I expect from Nagelsmann and the stars

What face do the troubled Bavarians show after the international break: that of the first three league games, which were won with 15:1 goals? Or that of the last four games without a win with only four of your own goals?

All week the bosses Oliver Kahn (53) and Hasan Salihamidzic (45) together with trainer Julian Nagelsmann (35) analyzed what went wrong recently. The work-up started the day after the 0-1 draw in Augsburg a week ago. Partly in personal conversations, partly also by telephone.

In BILD am SONNTAG, Salihamidzic now speaks exclusively about the crisis week – and above all takes the players to task!

Salihamidzic: “We talked to Julian about all aspects of our start to the season, including the positive ones, because there was not only the defeat in Augsburg, but also a lot of goals at the beginning and two wins without conceding a goal in the Champions League.

After the Augsburg defeat, the head coach “analyzed very intensively,” says Salihamidzic, and they spoke and discussed very well, extensively and confidentially: “Julian is very clear. He and his team of coaches know exactly what to do. Above all, Julian knows that he has the full backing of FC Bayern, and that doesn’t need to be emphasized again and again.”

Nagelsmann is also blamed for not having the necessary sensitivity towards his players with his snappy jokes in public. The fact that he sometimes arrives at the training ground with a Harley or rides a skateboard is considered by some to be an unnecessary show.

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Dealing with the team should also have been part of the analysis. This includes explaining to players why they are not in the starting XI. In a luxury squad like that of Munich, small fires quickly turn into uncontrollable brush fires.

Salihamidzic: “For me, there is no question that in this extraordinarily demanding season with a world championship in the middle, only teams that find a rhythm as a whole squad group, that develop their rotation style and push themselves as a unit have a chance of winning the title. Our players have quality, mentality and character, they want and will show that. The upcoming games against Leverkusen, Pilsen and in Dortmund are exactly the right stage for this.”

Already next Friday it is in the league against Leverkusen. In the Champions League, Bayern can make it through to the round of 16 in a two-leg match against Pilsen (October 4 and 12). In Dortmund (October 8th), the balance of power in the league should then be straightened out again.

Nagelsmann has to prove that he has an answer to the crisis. He has to get Star Purchasing Sadio Mané (30) on track. The team has to show on the pitch that they really want to win. There must be no more bankruptcies.

Salihamidzic: “We will appear differently after the international break. And I expect that too. Physical intensity, greed and the willingness to push yourself to the limit in every game are the prerequisites for success. We also need a much better, more focused exploitation of opportunities.”



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