FC Bayern Munich: double pass taunt between Salihamidzic and Florian König Sports

Two Bayern Brodel topics dominate the match day!

The record champions made the third consecutive draw in the league in a 2-2 win against Stuttgart. On Sunday there is a risk of losing the lead in the table.

And it could have been even worse! Referee Dingert whistles a Stuttgart goal back on the advice of Kölner Keller, because Kimmich was slightly plucked on his jersey and then fell to his knees. Dingert had evaluated the situation in the game, so VAR shouldn’t have intervened – not a clear wrong decision.

First frustration, then… The emotional Stuttgart compensation

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Bayern’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic (45) commented on both Brodel topics on Sunday in “Sport1-Doppelpass”. The Kimmich scene even leads to a short tease between Brazzo and moderator Florian König (54)!

Salihamidzic on the scene: “Stopping in the penalty area is of course always dangerous. That he falls because of that… He obviously fouls it. The referee whistled, that’s it. In midfield it would also have been whistled. I would have whistled it too – he’s my player too. He won’t do that anymore…

Then Salihamidzic (45) follows, slightly annoyed: “It bothers me a bit that we are now removing a scene from Bayern Munich. In the last five or six games, it has never been seen that Bayern is favoured. So it’s too much for me to take that scene out and talk about it for an hour, honestly.”

King: “I think your clock is ahead. It wasn’t an hour…”

Then Sport1 ex-referee Lutz Michael Fröhlich (64) evaluates the scene. Result: rather foul.

Salihamidzic: “The more I see the slow motion, the more convinced I am that it was a foul.”

König replies smugly: “It’s good that we talked about it for an hour…” Laughter in the audience.

Salihamidzic cites the big rotation in the English week between the two Champions League crackers Inter (2-0) and Barcelona on Tuesday as the reason for the small dip in Bayern’s results in the league.

The sports director: “Yesterday it was just not enough. The coach changed the team a lot – which was okay after the Champions League game. Of course it doesn’t work that way. Still, we expected to win the game. We’re at the beginning of the season, finding ourselves with the squad.”

Brazzo even accepts more draws for the satisfaction of his XXL squad!

Salihamidzic: “The coach has to please a lot of people who always want to play. He now has to have a lot of instinct when we rotate. I said to the coach: “It’s more important to me that we draw once more than that we have too many unhappy players. That’s where the trainer comes in, with lots of discussions to find the right mix.”

And further: “It is also clear that he has to find out his style now. This is a learning process for him. That’s why Bayern Munich is Bayern Munich. It’s not that easy – especially when you have a lot of players who can play from the start.”

It’s rumbling at Bayern! “Players and coaches distance themselves”

It's rumbling at Bayern!

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Also topic: the explosive return of Robert Lewandowski (34) on Tuesday with Barcelona to Munich. The striker was changed in the summer after a long back and forth for 45 million euros plus bonuses.

Salihamidzic: “A player who has won everything with us and has achieved tremendous performances. So I won’t whistle. I think the fans have the right feel for it and will do the right thing.”



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