David Pereira da Costa, the beloved magician of the Blood and Gold

David Pereira da Costa, the beloved magician of the Blood and Gold
David Pereira da Costa with RC Lens on August 31, 2022. Laurent SANSON / PANORAMIC

PORTRAIT – Reserved and endowed with a “small size”, the Portuguese attacking midfielder, who arrived in France at the age of 9, took the lead at the Lensois club.

An acceleration, two players eliminated. A hook in the surface, a third in the wind. And a strike, to raise the Félix-Bollaert stadium. On April 20, 2022, against Montpellier, David Pereira da Costa scored, for the first time, in the legendary Lensoise enclosure. “At first, when I went to see the pros play, I said to myself that it’s scary to play in a stadium like that, with so many people, entrust to Figaro the 21-year-old attacking midfielder. I’m not going to lie, at the beginning I was a little under pressure. But now that pressure is a plus.“Today, this”twelfth manPereira da Costa kisses her. And reciprocally.

From the top of his small 1m68, the Portuguese, arrived in France at 9 years old and trained in Lens from 11 years old, won over the public and his coach, Franck Haise, who had established him in the last ten games of last season. “He has an ability to put himself in the direction of the game on the first supports, on a ball grip, which is quite phenomenal, analyse…

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