Chelsea Vs Liverpool This Weekend Will Be Postponed


Chelsea vs Liverpool Premier League bigmatch was supposed to be held this weekend. However, as England are still grieving, the duel is likely to be postponed.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week, all football matches from Premier League level to coaching level have been postponed. In England, 12 days of mourning were imposed in memory of Queen Elizabeth II.

Even though the British Government has actually allowed for the Premier League to continue in the midst of the current grieving condition. However, the Premier League chose otherwise.

This postponement is certainly detrimental to English clubs because the schedule that is passed will be increasingly crowded, considering that the 2022 World Cup awaits the end of November. Especially for teams competing in Europe, this delay could add to the problem.

Unfortunately, the desire of the teams for the Premier League to be held again this week has not been fulfilled. Because, there is a possibility that some of the eighth week matches held in the city of London will be postponed, including Chelsea vs Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (18/9/2022) night WIT.

Because, the match coincided with the day before Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Day at Westminster Abbey, Monday (19/9). It is certain that the London police will focus on it so there is a shortage of personnel to secure Premier League matches.

If that happens then both clubs will extend the holiday period in the Premier League until next month. Because, next week coincides with the international break for two weeks.

Liverpool and Chelsea have just played again in the ninth week of October 1 next. Fortunately Chelsea and Liverpool are still allowed to hold Champions League matches this midweek.

Chelsea will host RB Salzburg, Thursday (15/9/2022) early morning WIB tomorrow, after Liverpool’s duel against Ajax at Anfield, Wednesday (14/9/2022) early morning WIB.

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