Campazzo’s environment brings the return of ‘Facu’ to Real Madrid a little closer

The Argentine point guard still has no offer from the NBA with 4 days to go until the start of the competition and Madrid is still pending

Real Madrid de Baloncesto has formed a spectacular squad but the club and the sports management are working on the signing that would put the icing on the cake. This is Facundo Campazzo, a player who does not have a team in the NBA and whose future may involve returning to Europe.

The NBA is very close to its premiere. In 4 days the world’s top basketball competition will begin and most teams have their squads closed.

‘Facu’ Campazzo does not have a team and therefore his situation is critical at the moment. The Argentine has to start considering other options for the future if he wants to play this season.

In fact, the player’s own environment assures that they are still in the same situation as 45 days ago: “There are no offers from the NBA.” But in turn, “he will continue to wait for the NBA as long as he can. There are no deadlines for now.”

This situation brings the basketball player closer to looking at other scenarios and the one that excites him the most is a return to Real Madridto reunite with his former teammates and recover his best level at ‘home’.

Campazzo’s move would not be new since other players such as Gaby Deck or Rudy Fernández in their time, have made the same decision to leave the NBA and return to Real Madrid.


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