‘Back’: Volleyball star Fokerot aims for the Olympics after U-19 gold medal

After winning the world championship title in the U-19 age group, 17-year-old Christian Fokerot is ready for the next challenge and will try to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games together with Edgars Toča. “It’s hard to realize that I suddenly jumped to that professional level. I haven’t grasped the thought of the Olympic Games yet,” Fokerot did not hide in the program “Aizgure”, adding that he will dedicate himself fully to this goal from the next season.

The World U-19 Championship was special for Latvian beach volleyball, as two Latvian duos played in the finals – Kristians Fokerots/Gustavs Auziņš and Dāvis Teteris/Oliversu Bulgačs. Before the championship, none of the pairs of Latvian players were considered favorites. Fokerots/Auziņš were eliminated with number 15, while Bulgačs/Teteris, the last 32nd pair of Latvian athletes, defeated opponents from such countries as Puerto Rico, Belgium, France, Chile, Austria and Italy, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, the Czech Republic and Poland. Fokerots/Auziņš defeated Bulgača and Teteri in the final.

“I never really remember the last points of important games. I remember the decisive points of this final because I saw many videos. But in general, when there are so many emotions, it’s usually a “black picture”, said Fokkerot, who did not hide that the most difficult game was in the quarterfinals and in the semi-finals, when the winner was determined in three sets. Beach volleyball coach Atvars Vilde helped his players to get to the decisive moments, and was also glad that you can’t hear what he says in the filmed footage.

Now Fokerot has seasons ahead of him, in which the goals are even higher – the Olympic Games. The talented beach volleyball player, together with Edgars Toča, will try to reach the level so that the Olympic Games in Paris will be with their participation.

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Uldis Strautmanis, the host of the program “Aizmgure” and Jānis Bendziks, the journalist of “Delfi” look back on the presidential elections of the Latvian Tennis Union (LTS) and conclude that Juris Savickis made a mockery of Sandis Riekstiņas and the changes he lobbied for in the Sports Law, which prohibits former members of the State Security Committee (VDK) employees or whistleblowers to occupy positions in the management of organizations. 0:53

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