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Atlético Nacional has a new difficulty ahead of the Antioquia classic next Sunday, where it will face Deportivo Independiente Medellín, for date 10 in the BetPlay II-2022 League. Jarlan Barrera was expelled midway through the second half against Envigado in a game pending the seventh date and will not be able to act against the powerful, in the face of this absence, the coaching staff is evaluating options to replace the samarium flying talent.

Yeison Guzmán: The attacking midfielder from La Unión, Antioquia has worked very well as a backup player, in the complementary stage, Guzmán gives him the necessary spark for the team to go out and get the result, being a hitch and a link for the forwards. He has a very good middle distance and little by little he has raised his level. Against Envigado he started and showed an acceptable performance.

Andrés Andrade: The ‘rifle’ is a versatile player and although he is being used as a mixed midfielder accompanying the holding player, he knows that position well and can create danger. Purslane ’10’ would have the chance to be a starter after three games, in one he failed to concentrate and the remaining two he started the game from the substitute bench.

Sebastián Gómez: The man from Antioquia has been playing as a brand midfielder, he has a very good back and forth, vision of the game and medium distance. He is not unaware of that offensive midfielder position, despite not being his natural position. He could play in that position, as long as Alexander Mejía enters to be a brand midfielder and get ahead in that spinal line.

Nelson Palacio: The youth knows the position, although his strength is being a second brand midfielder. He also has good midrange and in a recent press conference, he talked about being more creative than holding.

Juan Pablo Torres: Of great sporting moment, highlighted in youth tournaments, ‘Tatay’ would also be an option to manage the team’s threads. He plays against the youth and even more so for a game like these, where more than three points are at stake. Hernán Darío Herrera knows him well and knows that he could perform.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
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