ANTOŠ’S RAZOR: The magpie must have shocked almost everyone. This is simply not done

At the same time, Pilsen did not have a bad last regular season, they finished sixth, but then they were eliminated in the preliminary round of the playoffs and everything probably started to fall apart. Even so, the lack of confidence in the coaches, which was behind their dismissal after the second round, is a huge surprise to me. This is simply not done. It is based on the fact that in Pilsen they no longer trusted Baďouček and Říha at all and they want to put someone else in their place at all costs.

I read Martin Straka’s statement that it didn’t work in the preparation, but I don’t think it’s about friendly matches, after all, Pilsen won four out of eight. Everyone needs to realize that if you’re losing Bully with Cherry, you’re losing a lot of quality.

Škoda currently has five foreigners in its squad (defender Vitaloš and forwards Blomstrand, Bitten, Rekonen and Meyer) and they should really be seen. At least in part as Mueller can be seen in Vítkovice. But they are not visible.

I don’t like cheap gestures like we fire the coaches and everything will get better. In Plzeň, I see that in the long term they not only employ young trainees, but also relatively inexperienced coaches. Few people would give Čihák a straight A after a few years in the youth ranks. And he succeeded them. They also tried Michal Straka, Martin’s brother.

What I mean by that is that the current state of affairs is not the fault of the coaches. It is a set of things when Pilsen was not patient, during the transfer period they did not buy such hockey players who would start playing for them right from the start, plus the already mentioned departure of the props. Putting together a new team is extremely difficult and no one could possibly have expected that Pilsen would start playing as if from scratch.

Now it will be up to Kořínek and Bombic, who, although they led the youth team from Pilsen to the championship title in the spring, have never worked as head coaches for the adults. I am convinced that they should have someone with them who would pass on their experience and see it from a perspective.

This is confirmed by the seven-year-old situation in Slavia, which was led by the absolutely inexperienced Beránek and Srdínek, and it ended in relegation. Kořínek and Bombic are certainly not bad coaches, but it will be difficult for them to get their bearings quickly without extra-league experience. It is a huge plus for coaches if they know from experience what they can expect from a given opponent. Maybe Bombic and Kořínek will be the second Čihák, but he had a much stronger team in Pilsen. Therefore, they are not in a very good position.

Photo: Pilsen Škoda HC, ČTK

Pilsen hockey players will be led by head coach Petr Kořínek (left) and his assistant František Bombic (right).Photo: Pilsen Škoda HCCTK

Petr Kořínek said that Martin Straka will also be on the substitutes’ bench in the first matches by mutual agreement. I have been saying for a long time that managers and owners should not stand on the switchboard. They create unnecessary pressure not only on the coaches, but also on the players. I do not like.

Milan Antoš

Milan Antoš is a former hockey forward, today a co-commentator for CT. He played twelve seasons in the Czech extra league, playing for Slavia, Pilsen, Jihlava and Ústí nad Labem. He won the title with Pražany in 2003 and bronze in 2000, silver with West Bohemia four years later.



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