two golds, one silver and two bronzes

Arévalo, after becoming world champion efe


Carlos Arévalo and the c4 500 team were champions and María Corbera was 67 thousandths away from first place. Two more bronzes closed the day

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Updated 08/08/2022 at 12:34 p.m.

Few sports offer as much joy and for as long as canoeing. Whether alone, in pairs, as a team, in a canoe or kayak, the strokes of the Spanish canoeists count for medals. If on Saturday they were gold in the K4 500 Saúl Craviotto, Rodrigo Germade, Marcus Cooper and Carlos Arévalo; gold in the C2 500 for Cayetano García and Pablo Martínez, and silver in the K2 200 for Teresa Portela and Sara Ouzande; On the last day of the World Cup in Halifax (Canada), the Spanish medal table increased with five more metals: two golds, one silver and two bronzes.

If he helped the team yesterday, this time Carlos Arevalo he was proclaimed solo world champion, in the K1 200 modality. «I felt very well. My happiness is absolute with the double gold”, indicated the Galician, who beat the Swedish Peter Menning (+0.28) and the Hungarian Kolos Csizmadia (+0.39). The team won the second gold of the day, this time in the C4 500 made up of Manuel Fontán, Pablo Graña, Joan Moreno and Adrián Sieiro, who beat Poland (+0.49) and Ukraine (+1.10).

The world silver conquered her Mary Corbera, in C1 200. She was 67 thousandths behind the American Nevin Harrison, but was one thousandth ahead of the Chinese Wenjun Lin. The athlete ended the day with a new bronze medal in C1 5,000. In C2 1,000, the brothers Noel and Diego Domínguez were less than two seconds off the podium and in K1 5,000, Paco Cubelos closed the World Championship with another bronze.


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