Transfers FC Barcelona | Optimism with the signing of Marcos Alonso

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Mateu Alemany has met with his agent and they have agreed on a 3-year contract with an affordable record and less than what he charges at Chelsea

With the English club there is still no agreement but there is progress and everything can be accelerated after the signing of Cucurella by the ‘blues’

In the offices of FC Barcelona there is optimism with the possibility of being able to close the signing of Marcos Alonso shortly, the number one objective to strengthen the left back and create real competition for Jordi Alba. The Barça director of football, Mateu Alemany, met today with the player’s agent, Fali Ramadani, at the offices of the sports city and they have agreed on some conditions while waiting to close the entire operation.

Marcos Alonso would sign a three-year contract and with an acceptable record for Barça and adapted to the new salary scale imposed by the sports management. Like some of the signings made this summer, the player would make an economic effort to become a Barça player because he will earn a little less than he currently does at Chelsea.

Negotiations with the London club are progressing but there is still no definitive agreement. FC Barcelona is trying to buy him for less than 8 million euros and the English would like a little more. In the Barça offices they act cautiously but they are optimistic that an agreement can be reached soon. The signing of Cucurella by Chelsea can accelerate the entire negotiation because Marcos Alonso already has the sports OK from the sports managers of the English club to leave.



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