The Valencian clubs Escorpión, Alenda, Manises and Costa del Azahar, for the National Interclubs of golf

The Valencian clubs The Scorpion, Alenda, Manises and Costa del Azahar are the representatives of the Golf Federation of the Valencian Community (FGCV) in the Spanish Interclub Children’s Golf Championship which is held on the Lauro Golf course in Malaga.

There will be 36 clubs from all over Spain that will seek victory in a tournament that this year celebrates its forty-third edition, a fact that highlights its relevance within the national golf scene.

The Golf Interclubs in the children’s category has brought together the best Spanish golfers of the last 40 years. In this test, camaraderie, competitiveness and learning go hand in hand. In Lauro Golf will meet 144 young promises whose mission is to enjoy a high-level competition and highlight the great work that is done in the clubs with their respective academies. The interest aroused by this Championship is reflected in the high number of participating clubs, 36 in total, which will fight for the title at stake for two days.

The Interclubes is a mixed tournament. Each team is made up of two boys and two girls under the age of 15 in possession of the national handicap and with at least one year of experience in their respective clubs. Each member of each team plays 18 holes a day Under the modality Stroke Play (stroke play), scoring, of the eight routes in total made throughout the two days, the seven best cards. The club that accumulates the least number of joint hits wins the title.

The Valencian clubs El Escorpión de Bétera and Alenda Golf de Alicante are among the favorites in the competition along with Sant Cugat –holder of the lowest joint handicap of all the participants (2.4)–, RSHECC (winner last year) , RCG Sotogrande or the organizers of Lauro Golf.

However, both the Manises Golf Club as the Costa del Azahar Club they are in a position to hold a great tournament and be among the best. In fact, the Castellón club has won four of the last nine editions, the last one in 2017 at the hands of José Luis Ballester, Carla Bernat, José Luis Ventura and Rocío Tejedo.



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