“The coach managed to bring out the best of the players”, judges Marquinhos

The Parisian captain delivers his analysis, in the mixed zone, after his team’s victory at the Champions Trophy on Sunday in Tel Aviv (4-0).

Marquinhos (defender and captain of PSG, after the 4-0 victory over Nantes in the Champions Trophy) : «The most important thing was to win, no matter how. But with the way, it’s better… We worked well, we had prepared well for the match and it showed on the pitch. The team was compact. We did what had to be done. (on the three-man defense) We’re good, better and better. At the start of the preparation, we were still in the adaptation phase, we made a few small mistakes that we quickly corrected in training or on video. Little by little, we will take automatic steps and things will get better and better.

(on Leo Messi) He was very comfortable on the pitch, in a position he likes. The coach managed to bring out the best of the players today, it was seen in everyone’s performance, Neymar, Messi, everyone.»



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