Tennis: Charentaise Pauline Dore at Roland-Garros to see further

With benchmark results, including the half of the CNGT Porspoder (Brittany), a first in his career. In the meantime, the licensee from Gradignan is flying to Roland-Garros, for the French championships in the second series. Which start this Sunday.

What has changed since October?

Physically, I haven’t been injured all year and I was able to play more and more games as the season progressed. At the beginning, I was in control and I paid attention, when the matches are linked. But I felt that I could continue until I felt able to chain two matches in the same day by being at 100%. I felt like my body was holding up big games. My physique was no longer a problem. I was able to think technically and tactically.

This brought clicks because you know that you are in good shape, in the head you are well. You can start thinking about how to play and how to use my weapons to beat my opponent. You don’t have to think about yourself.

What are you approaching these championships with?

I don’t set myself any limits like I haven’t set myself any limits since the start of the season. I know I would be ready to play five to six games. In addition, there will only be one match per day. I can do it at high intensity, physically, it won’t be a problem. I can be in good shape if I’m in the final.

I gained a lot of confidence during the season, with the results I achieved. It doesn’t limit me and I don’t tell myself that it’s impossible to win. If I lined up at Roland, it’s to get the win.

Have you set new medium to long term goals?

During the season, when we saw how things evolved, we had already reassessed the objectives. Being able to go up to -15 was in the back of our minds. But it seemed pretty crazy to us. But goals are good, but I don’t set myself limits.

When I enter a tournament, it’s always to win, regardless of the girl in front. Our objectives were more in terms of level of play. To play as many games as possible during the season. We never talked about ranking except what I mentioned. But it was in a little drawer (laughs).


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