Sport, a tool to generate values ​​and transformation: Ignacio Campos

Published August 7, 2022 13:08:10 Author Editorial Office / Ninety Degrees

Uruapan, Mich., August 7, 2022.- As a sports enthusiast, the president of Uruapan, Ignacio Campos, said he was convinced that through the various disciplines, values ​​are generated that will allow us to transform social reality for the good.

In addition, he said that sports is a factor of family integration, and for this reason he guaranteed that his government will continue to give an unprecedented boost to this important sector.

The foregoing, when closing the activities of the regional children’s basketball camp, promoted by the nine Comprehensive Basketball Academies, which work to create spaces where children and young people find a healthy space to enhance their skills in an integral way.

Nacho Campos thanked the prestigious Spanish coach Nacho Gella for sharing his knowledge during the clinic in which the Pingos Academy of the Magdalena Uruapan participated; Pumites of Morelia; Wasps of St. Andrew Corú; Tigers of Ziracuaretiro; Aquacateritos of Tancitaro; Ikarati of Comachuén; St. Angel Panthers Zurumucapio; Falcons of Uruapan and Raccoons of New Italy.

In turn, Nacho Gella invited to be supportive in attitude, and stressed that this wonderful project creates better citizens who then collaborate in the development of this region.




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