Le blog de la rédac’, ATP – Montreal > Alcaraz in shirtless mode, Nadal has never done that

We often have fun comparing the two players and yet it seems that this comparison has no real basis.

First in the game where there is nothing in common except perhaps the attitude even if it is a bit common to the great champions. In the declarations, the two compatriots come together a little even if Carlos tends to advocate a humility which does not always transpire in his remarks.

In the attitude finally, there are also some differences. From memory, we have rarely seen Rafael Nadal show off his body as Carlos Alcaraz regularly does.

We had here some time ago to present the famous one of the magazine Men Health.

This Saturday, a snapshot from the organization circulated, it came from a training session under the Canadian sun, far from the totally white hushed style of Wimbledon where such a “striptease” could not have taken place. .



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