Sergio García: “I’m sure all this is going to be fixed”

EIt’s the jewel in the crown. In the style of Rafa Nadal in Mallorca, Sergio Garca has started the Academy project at the Borriol golf club where the best young people from around the world will accumulate talent to grow by looking at themselves in the mirror of one of the best golfers in the world. For the presentation of the new Academy, Sergio García surrounded himself with friends like Pau Gasol, Gerard López or Carlos Latre himself, who acted as master of ceremonies for the event. After a visit to the new and avant-garde facilities, the golfer attended BRAND in a leisurely interview.

QUESTION: The one you’re falling for because of the decision you’ve made. How are you?

ANSWER: Obviously it is something new. The other tours try to defend themselves as they want or as they can, but I am happy with my decision. It is professional, personal and family. After 24 years playing on both tours it was a good chance for me to play less and enjoy my family more.

Q. Is it as simple as making this decision to play fewer tournaments?

A. Yes, it’s as simple as that, obviously on the American tour the minimum is 15 tournaments but if you want to have options you have to play a lot because if you don’t play for two weeks 30 players pass you unless you do what Tiger Woods did to play 18 tournaments and win 12. I am happy because it will give me the opportunity to see our children grow up and to ensure the economic future of our future generations.

P. And to the one who tells you that he has left only for money. What does he answer?

R. It is your opinion. Obviously money is important. We all work to earn money, but it’s not just that. The competition is still at the highest level and although there is no world ranking, we are at the top. We are all competitive and nobody likes to lose.

Q. Tell me we’ll see you at the Ryder Cup.

R. Hopefully. That is why I have decided to continue maintaining the European tour. It will depend on the rules they make when qualifying for the Ryder begins. The only thing I can do is play at the highest level.

Q. Is it possible that the arrival of Luke Donald as the new European captain of the Ryder Cup could help you?

R. What will help me the most is my game. If I’m not up to the level, he won’t choose me for being my friend. What I want is to play at the highest level and at least if I don’t classify on my own merits, let me be taken into account. But depend on the European tour.

Q. Rahm’s words were beautiful

R. Above all without having the reason to do so. Not that I asked him for anything, I came out of it. It showed me a lot of what our relationship is. It was one of the biggest reasons I decided to back off and calm down, so I could play more Ryders with Jon.

Q. Don’t you get the feeling this is going to fix it?

R. I think that in the end all this is going to be fixed. At any moment it will be fixed. We don’t know how long it will take, but I think it has to be fixed. It is the best for all of us that we go on the same path. I think they are on the defensive now, but hopefully that will change.

Q. What would it mean for you not to play bigger?

R. It is something important. It is what we are fighting for that there are points in the world ranking. We don’t know if 100% or a lower percentage. I don’t think they will deny us because of the quality of players on the new circuit. We knew that there was a moment that could happen and we could be left without playing big, but it is a considered risk. I hope to be able to play as many greats as possible, but if not, the world will not end”.

P. Yesterday Pau Gasol went to support him. What does your friendship bring you?

R. Pau Gasol and I have been friends for a long time. We have started to be more together lately. He is a big fan of golf. We have a very good connection. He offers me a different view. He has a lot of experience and that always helps me. We relate very well just like with Rafa (Nadal) who have had very similar moments in our careers”.



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