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Blue night in Bogotá, despite the rotations of Alberto Gamero. Millonarios defeated Fortaleza 3-2, leaving the aggregate 6-2 and advancing to the semifinals of the BetPlay Cup, where they will meet Medellin.

For the duel against Fortaleza, Gamero presented a total of nine changes in the starting line-up, keeping Andrés Gómez, who played little in Rionegro, and Álvaro Montero in the scheme. The visit, in this case by arrangement of the fixture, went ahead on the scoreboard, with Ricardo Rosales scoring, scoring his first goal as a professional, in a powerful mid-distance shot, at minute 10.

With the minutes, Millonarios sought to appeal to ball possession, managing and trying to exploit the bands, to generate depth. At minute 24, an error in the blues’ exit ended at the feet of Cuenú, who was unable to reject the ball, leaving it in the area of ​​​​Jhon Solís, who took a powerful shot, to the right post of Montero.

The blue response was not long in coming. Defense-attack transition started by Herazo, a long game for Cataño, this enabled Andrés Gómez at minute 29 to put Millonarios ahead on the scoreboard, increasing the overall advantage.

From then on, Millonarios began to take advantage of every space. Once again, Cataño enabled Herazo to finish off and goalkeeper Yimy Gómez saved the score. It didn’t take more than two minutes for the striker to try again, without much precision, despite having room to advance a little more.

Fortaleza got back on the scoreboard, finding equality at the feet of Sebastián Navarro, after an error in the crescent by Jader Valencia and Oscar Vanegas, by not rejecting the ball, so that the locals leveled the score, at minute 34.

In the second half, Gamero sent Dewar Victoria onto the pitch, replacing Kliver Moreno. On the court, the youth was seen at Garcia’s height, to put together the double five. Possession of the ball, in a safe area, was the characteristic at the start of the second half, by the Blues.

The first action of the complement came until the 60th minute, with a shot by Dewar Victoria, which passed near Gómez’s goal. To look for the victory, Gamero sent Ruiz and Silva to the field, instead of Gómez and García, at minute 72.

The Blues began to close the match, around the 77th minute, in an action that Cataño himself started, he changed front to Silva, giving the ball to Bertel, so that the Antioquian midfielder concluded with a great score, eluding the goalkeeper.

Gamero moved the board again. At minute 8 he sent Luis Carlos Ruiz and Juanito Moreno onto the field, taking out Cataño and Montero. In the first action that the goalkeeper had, he responded.

Millonarios had the fourth goal in a good combination of Ruiz and Silva, the captain gave it to 10, who took a shot that went towards the goal, but Rivera prevented it from entering.

Millonarios will face Medellín, in the semifinal of the contest, which gives direct quota to the previous phase of the Conmebol Libertadores.


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