Masters 1000 Cincinnati 2022: Nadal drowns before Coric on his return to the slopes

Masters 1000 Cincinnati 2022: Nadal drowns before Coric on his return to the slopes

Laround the corner Nadal to the tennis courts was the main attraction of the day on Wednesday in Cincinnati. So much was the expectation that not even the rain wanted to stay out. When Nadal remained to take the first set, the match had to be stopped due to the drops that began to fall. When escamp, the Croatian brought out a very aggressive game, which was enough to win the first set. Rafa He reacted in the second, but it was not enough to stop the Croatian who beat him for the third time in five matches.

The beginnings after being inactive are complicated, as he himself said Rafa before the match. “When you come back on tour after a few weeks off, there are going to be aspects of your game that aren’t perfect, aren’t where they need to be.” And this is what was possible throughout the match, to a vague Nadal. It was also the merit of a Borna Coric who was very skillful looking for the angles of the court and dominating with his backhand. It doesn’t seem like the Croatian would have only won 5 of the last 14 ATP matches after his return in March from a year of injury.

In spite of that, and after almost an hour and a half of stoppage due to the rain, the equality continued in the first set. This took the first set to a tie break. A tiebreaker in which Nadal I made too many mistakes and closed it out with a double fault. Set for Coric, despite the fact that the Spaniard had two balls to take it away.

In the second set, the Croatian raised his level with the service. Although the equality continued on the scoreboard, the game of Coric was more solid than the Nadal, who seemed to accuse the lack of rhythm of competition. Despite that, he pulled hard to break the Croat’s serve. That break was enough to win the second set 6-4.

The final third set continued with the theme of the match: equality with the services. This time it was Coric who broke the serve, was in the sixth game of the set. The Croatian continued to put a lot of pressure on Rafa with his blows, while the Balearic appeared in flashes, but today it was not enough.

Borna Coric he closed the match with cannon shots and was quoted with Robert Baptist in the third round. gray match for Nadal. He had good moments, but the serve (he committed 7 double faults) and the 42 days without playing took their toll. Now to think about the US Open.


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