Regional archery championship, finals in Cascina

The final phase of the Tuscan Targa Regional Archery Championship will be staged on Sunday, organized by the Polisportiva Arcieri Cascinesi under the patronage of the municipal administration of Cascina at the archery field in Via del Fosso Vecchio in Cascina (facilities municipal sports). An entire day of competition in which the best archers of the Tuscan panorama will compete.

“The Targa regional championship includes all the outdoor competitions – explain Paolo Conti and Lucia Bacciardi, managers of the Cascinesi Archers -, from the very young classes to the masters, male and female, including categories with disabilities. In Tuscany we have many great athletes and it can happen to find yourself pulling alongside great champions. We have 96 members from all over the region: we will start immediately at 8, with the final scheduled for the evening with the final awards ”.

To give support there will be the whole Tuscan regional committee, which will make the first council in Cascina right in the presence of the Cascinesi Archers at Palazzo Bulleri. The councilor for sport Francesca Mori will be present at the event, representing the municipal administration. “We want to thank Councilor Mori – Conti and Bacciardi conclude – that she has always been very helpful, participating in all our initiatives: we want to have her by our side”.

“As a municipal administration – adds Francesca Mori – we can only be proud that the final phase of the regional championship takes place right in Cascina. And this is thanks to the excellent work carried out by the Polisportiva Arcieri Cascinesi, very active in the area and capable of organizing events that are always very popular throughout the Region: the numbers, on the other hand, speak for themselves. It will therefore be a pleasure to be present at this day which promises to be of the highest level ”.

Source: Municipality of Cascina – Press office

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