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TIM Red Bull Racing revealed the key to Max Verstappen’s success in winning Formula One (F1) Hungarian GP 2022. This was revealed directly by Red Bull Racing’s head of strategy, Hanna Schimtz in an quoted from the official F1 website.

As is known, Max Verstappen managed to become the leader in the 2022 Hungarian GP F1 race at the Hungaroring Circuit, on Sunday 31 July 2022. In fact, The Dutch Devil -Max Verstappen’s nickname- had to start racing from 10th position.

Meanwhile, two Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. drove in pole position in the early days of the race. However, towards the end of the race, the two Ferrari drivers actually slipped and failed to get a podium, and handed the first podium to Max Verstappen.

After the race, Hanna Schmitz has provided some strategies on how her team helped Verstappen climb from starting in 10th place to standing on top of the podium. One of them, Red Bull used the right tires on Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s cars from the start of the race.

“So, as we started to get out of position, one of the maybe more classic strategies to do is to start with the harder tires and go longer especially by overtaking which was much more difficult in Hungary – so that’s our plan,” said Schmitz. from the official F1 GP page, Wednesday (3/8/2022).

“But we also actually talked a lot before the race about if the conditions were a bit damp and very cold like before, that we could consider soft tires as an alternative because it might be better in those conditions and laps to the grid,” said Hanna Schmitz.

“Both riders were very vocal about having almost non-existent grip even though they were already on soft tires.”

Max Verstappen

In addition, Hanna Schmitz added that before making the decision, his party had discussed it carefully. So, they can place the right tires even though they have experienced concerns.

“The race engineers were like ‘we don’t think hard is a good idea’, we all had a long discussion about that with Christian too and decided to switch to soft tyres. There’s a little bit of rain in the air too so really the tires are better for those conditions,” explained Hanna Schmitz.

“Our concern is whether we can make enough progress in the first task to make it feasible, but obviously both riders are making great progress, so it is.”

With this victory, Max Verstappen is increasingly firmly at the top of the 2022 F1 standings. So far he has packed 258 points from eight champions and 10 podiums. He is far ahead of Charles Leclerc, who is in second place with 178 points.



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