Pichones is in the semifinals of the San Juanito Basketball League

Pichones’ quintet gave the first blow of authority by playing the first match of the quarterfinals of the third force category of the San Juanito Basketball League by beating Alfas with a score of 38 points by 26.

This was a close match, where the two teams showed strategies with compact defenses, trying to do damage with breaks that, for Alfas, due to their youth and inexperience in managing matches, they lacked more calm to make them effective and in the end it it weighed them down

The first quarter was dominated by the experienced squad of Los Pichones, who with medium distance shots combined with effective penetrations managed to score 15 points for only 7 from their rival.

This start earned Pichones to henceforth maintain the advantage and manage said first match of the series to win two of three matches, dominating the second period with a score of 6-5 and going into the break with an advantage of 9 points.

The third quarter was the most even when tied at 8 points, for in the last quarter Los Pichones attacked again to establish the first victory of this series by winning 9-6 and sealing the victory with a score of 38 to 26.

In this duel, the best Pichones player was Bruno Ramírez, who scored 15 personal points, and Erik Apacio stood out for Alfas, scoring 12.



The Pigeons 38-26 Alphas

Jaguares 60-57 Machull

Maderos 36-74 Chapultepec

Maderos 50-56 Chapultepec

Hawks 42-44 Antequera

Hawks 37-45 Antequera



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