News in England: pt stdn, error two ei. What will Haaland and Ronaldo do?

And what about long? What new will the world’s most watched football league offer this year?

Who would be looking for help watching Nora with her blond hair. Erling Braut Haaland, that’s the head of the main, which the defender from Manchester City shared in order to tune out such a charged kdr. Haaland first supported City as a child, when his uncle Alfie played in their pale blue jersey.


The first duel of the English league between Crystal Palace and Arsenal will take place on Friday at 21:00.

As a paraplegic, he wrote down only those points, which is the balance, which my son can easily pay off in a single weekend.

But they also sent another favorite: Liverpool brought in striker Neze from Benfica, Chelsea has a speedster Sterling, United has a reborn winger Eriksen, and Arsenal bought duo Gabriel Jesus Zinenko from City. Who chose the best?

2The end is fine. If…

The gesture undertaken by the Premier League to support the fight against racism will not be a pre-season ritual.

What if the clubs decided that it had lost its meaning after repeated repetitions, or according to them it fulfilled the goal and there was no need for it. It will be used every day only in exceptional cases.

3pt stdn

doesn’t that sound like news to me? It’s true that almost all of Europe caught on in the covid era, but conservative England struggled for a long time. And this year she gave her permission, the change had to be sanctified by a club out of twenty.

Argument against? It will match the darkest curls. Argument for? Save the favorites year after year and divide them as needed. In addition, he will play five hundred games even during the break due to the winter World Cup in Qatar.

4No decision – fun

Legran bowed, widened his eyes, rolled out in violent gestures, and the dwarf even celebrated with fun. Mike Dean, the referee who played at the top for twenty-two years, was an inseparable part of the Premier League.

He will suffer for a long time, but in another, visible role for me. The hit will move to VAR, where there won’t be as much space for birds on the monitor. And the court that remained on the list is changing: the leader of the league wants them to be saved more smoothly. Last season I averaged only 55 minutes per game, this team should increase.

5Minus two ei

By the previous season, those eight footballers had reached, so it turns out that only two will play in the English league. West Ham went to the national team captain Souk and defender Coufala, but they had a falling out with winger Krlo, who started for just one minute last season.


Tonk Vydra again ended up in Burnley after all those years, which was also relegated to the second division. I received an offer from the club that I could not accept, he announced on Instagram. the chance that someone would soon complete the Czech duo in the Premier League is minimal.

6What will happen to Ronaldo?

The whole summer has been speculated: will the Portuguese remain a phenomenon at Manchester United? At the moment, it seems that yes, which does not mean that there is peace in the cabins and offices.

On the contrary: in the friendly against the Spanish Vallecano, the Hag dared to stop Ronaldo at half-time, who then hastily left the stadium before the end. Undrinkable. It wouldn’t work like that, flew the Hag. Ronaldo would like to leave, but who can afford to pay me (not) a stiff superstar?

7Novec with tradition

If you remember the mid-seventies and eighties, remember how Nottingham Forest with coach Brian Clough sensationally won the English league and the two-time Pohr champion. For the last twenty seasons, however, he has been absent from the elite and is coming back. Naten, hunger, ambition. The dog spent two billion crowns on reinforcements, and it was like a free game that saw the representative Lingard, who was wanted by a number of other clubs. What will he do in Saturday’s bonus against rich Newcastle?


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