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Four years ago, Andorra competed in the First Catalan Autonomous Region, the equivalent of the Preferential of Asturias. In December 2018, Kosmos, a company owned by Gerard Piqué, took control of the club. That’s where everything sped up. Because in June 2019 he achieved promotion to Third Division and, incidentally, bought a place in Second B. Today, as a synthesis of a meteoric rise based on millions and results, Andorra led by Eder Sarabia (son of Manu Sarabia, exquisite former Athletic footballer) and which has Piqué in the background, makes his debut in professional football against Carlos Tartiere who will attend a historic event: the first match in the Spanish professional league for a foreign team.

Andorra represents the country and its 80,000 inhabitants, in a case that draws the attention of the Spanish football world. They say that when Piqué took control of Andorra, the first impression of him was prescient. “Let’s do a Monaco!”, They say that he expressed in reference to the Monegasque team, one of the animators of the French championship, with a regular presence in European competitions.

If Piqué gives economic stability, Jaume Nogués, an intimate of the Barça footballer, puts the magnifying glass. He is the general and sports director, and has been at the club since the landing of Kosmos. He makes the filters and negotiates the signings. To Andorra, although today he puts the first foot in the championship, they still have 4 or 5 signings to be finalized.

And the Andorran team will debut with an unmistakable style, also non-negotiable, the one printed by Eder Sarabia, now alone after becoming Quique Setién’s trusted assistant, also at Barça. Sarabia’s team is cheeky, daring with the ball. And that style is expected to continue in the grueling Second Division. Sarabia also has an innovative point. In the run-up to the match against Oviedo, the young coach was asked if he had studied Oviedo. His response was surprising: “Yes, I’ve been watching Ponferradina de Bolo matches.”

This afternoon, Andorra will want to play spoilsport at the Oviedo premiere. With Piqué in the background, it is Sarabia’s turn to show his cards. Bolo has already warned that she doesn’t trust a hair…



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