star of the Bundesliga: “Nice shit goal,” said the unlucky one. And is right

Bundesliga: The star of the day
“A nice poop goal,” said the unlucky fellow. And is absolutely right

The matchday scene doesn’t look all that unusual as a still. The fact that Rostock’s keeper Markus Kolke (in red) didn’t see the opponent coming is not so noticeable here.

© Hasan Bratic / Picture Alliance

Not many words are needed for the scene of the match day this time. She speaks for herself. They will be remembered. And Rostock’s goalkeeper, who drew the card this time, deserves respect – and ours stern of match day.

The Bundesliga results of the 2nd matchday can be found here.

Let’s tell it like it is. You don’t understand. Where was the man looking? What got him so captivated that he just couldn’t look to the right anymore? Does he know it himself? Does Darmstadt 98 striker Philipp Tietz know? Oh no, he was looking at the ball that was being presented to him so wonderfully…

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The match day scene was produced by Markus Kolke, who is actually a reliable keeper at FC Hansa Rostock. In the Saturday evening game of the 2nd division. Whatever was there, there on the left, we hope it was worth looking at. Because now everyone is looking at this scene and having fun. And the goalkeeper probably won’t like that.

“Looking left a tad too long”

“I think I look a little too long to the left. Tietz takes advantage of that. It’s clearly my fault,” the 31-year-old analyzed very aptly after the game. Even the opponent’s goalkeeper sympathized: “For a goalkeeper, such a mistake always looks stupid,” said Marcel Schuhen.

“A nice shit goal,” said the unlucky man, who didn’t let himself be disturbed. Our respect for that. On the pitch, Markus Kolke bit his wine-red jersey for quite a while. But he doesn’t want to stay with the scene for too long: “You shouldn’t run into the dressing room crying. Anger about it for another two hours or two days, then the matter is over,” explained Kolke, who would definitely not repeat the buck want. “I know it won’t happen a second time.”

Ours on that stern of game day!



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